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Our commitments

Our commitments


The PSA Group promotes cultural and social diversity and practices a management style based on equal opportunities and meritocracy in order to unite our energy and free our talents to bring success to PSA.



The PSA Group objectively bases its human resources and management practices on competence and results. This starts with the recruitment process and continues at every stage in the professional development of employees.

The PSA Group pays attention everyone is treated the same to prevent discrimination and does not tolerate racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or any other manifestation of discrimination.
To combat prejudice and intolerance, the Group relies on social dialogue and has demonstrated this through several corporate agreements both in France and internationally. It thus sensitizes, outlines and implements warning and resolution procedures to prevent any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying at work and to guarantee respect for privacy. 


There is a discrimination alert and processing scheme and it is available to the Group job applicants. It relates to situations where the applicant feels that his or her application has been treated unfavorably because of a criteria prohibited by the law. Any applicant believing to be a victim of discriminatory process can contact the following email diversite@mpsa.com.His or her claim will be forwarded to a dedicated monitoring body within Group PSA, which will process the claim under the best conditions of confidentiality and neutrality.


More than 5,000 employees with disabilities work within the PSA Group, which actively promotes the employment and retention of employees with disabilities.


The AFNOR certification “Label Diversity” held since 2009 is evidence of this.





The PSA Group seeks to develop the position of women in a sector still too stereotyped as masculine. The objectives and commitments of PSA include.

  • the range of jobs,

  • HR processes that guarantee professional and wage equality,

  • women's access to all levels of responsibility.                          

This commitment is recognized by the AFNOR certification "Label Equality"held since 2005.





The PSA Group practices a youth employment policy based on a responsible commitment, with the aim of facilitating the professional integration of young people.


Under this program, the Group welcomes almost 3,000 apprenticeships or professional training contracts as well as more than 2,000 trainees. It promotes the sustainable integration of young people while maintaining the employment of older workers and ensuring the transmission of knowledge and skills.

The Group builds international partnerships with the educational world to actively contribute to the development of professional qualifications in the automotive industry.
Aware that the location of residence can be a cause of isolation, lack of equal opportunity or even discrimination, the Group is a major player in social responsibility in its host communities, particularly for the workplace integration of people being disadvantaged or having difficulty finding work.